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5 Ways To Increase Online Lead Generation

June 10, 2014 / by Finder

When your business needs to attract new clients, online lead generation is a great way of finding them, there’re many different methods you can use on the internet. Most of them work very well, but the mistake most people make is poor execution, but I’m here to help you out. Today I’m telling you 5 different ways to generate leads for your business online.

Using SEO and PPC adds

The best way to generate leads is via search engine optimisation (SEO), why? Because it’s FREE! Free leads, what’s better than that? The best way to acquire these leads is to do some keyword research using software such as Google Adwords, research into around 10-20 keywords and start creating good, relevant content based on the keywords.

If you’re not so good at finding what keywords are being searched based on your business, outsource the work to someone who does. You’ll be surprised at how much traffic you can get when you do this right, and ill mention it again it’s free!

Per per click (PPC) is another awesome way to generate leads, if you know what you’re doing it can work out pretty cheap. The key is to target long-tail keywords, as they are more specific to your customer’s needs, and long tail keywords are much less competitive making them cheaper per click.

How to seo a website

Using social media

Who doesn’t use social media these days, only the other week my mother tried to add me on Facebook! The point being sites like Facebook and Twitter are great for generating free online leads for your business. The key to using them correctly is to post during the right hours of the day, posting the right content which can go viral, when using Twitter the correct hashtags and so forth.

If your business operates in the Gold Coast or Brisbane, there is no point updating your Twitter or Facebook page at 4am or 11pm local time when people are asleep. Instead do it early in the morning before people to go work or during the lunch break, this is when most people are on Facebook and Twitter. Use catchy headlines that grab peoples attention, their time is precious, and you need to think outside of the box to grab even a second of it.

Give something away

Everybody loves free stuff, give people something for free and watch your leads pile up. Create a landing page where you offer a free eBook or another digital product in return for their email address, this is currently one of the best ways to generate online leads.

Email marketing campaigns 

Having a solid email campaign allows you to keep in touch with existing customers and allows you to connect with new ones. Your marketing campaign needs to be airtight if you want to attract new leads and even make sales, the content needs to be relevant, you need awesome subject titles, and most of all you need to know what your list wants.

Test, test and test some more! 

Testing is so important when trying to generate quality online leads, use a different number of keywords for your PPC campaign and see which ones yield the highest conversion. Try different marketing campaigns and see which test gives you a higher e-mail open rate. To really get the most of our online lead generation, you have to test to see what works for your business, so what are you waiting for?

There’re literally hundreds of ways to obtain leads through the internet which methods will work for you? 

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