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Pre-Purchase Property Inspections

March 4, 2014 / by Julian

If you are considering purchasing a home, investment property or commercial real estate you probably already know just how important pre-purchase home inspections are. Even if you are a first-time property buyer you won’t get too far in the process of securing a property before someone will ask you; “have you organized your pre-purchase inspections?”

It is vital to have the building inspections for structural integrity; after you really don’t want to find out after the property settlement has been finalised, that your dream home is falling apart because of poor building construction.

Secondly, you pre-purchase checklist needs to include a pest inspection. A lot of pests such as termites can cause unseen damage to a home. If you have ever seen the sort of destruction these tiny creatures can cause you were probably shocked. In many cases, they eat the timber structure of the home from the inside out like your timber deck so that only the shell remains. Termites attack homes all over the world and are most prevalent in warmer, sub-tropical and tropical climates. In some areas such as the Gold Coast, in South East Queensland, termites attack 1 in 3 homes. That is a shocking statistic and should have you reaching for the phone to call your termite inspector.

property inspector at work

Finally, if the property you are interested in buying has a pool of any sort you need to make sure that a pool safety inspection is carried out. The laws around pools can be slightly different from state to state so it would pay you to get professional advice as to the legitimacy of the existing pool safety.


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