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What Happens During a Termite Inspection?

October 27, 2016 / by Julian

Worried about termites wreaking havoc in your home? Nobody can deny that termites are scary. They cause tremendous damage to your property without you even knowing it. In fact, termite damage in the United States alone amounts to $50 billion a year. If you don’t want to contribute to that figure, then it’s prudent to call in a professional. But you don’t want to go ahead and let an exterminator in your home without any information. Keep reading to learn more what we look for during inspections for termites in your Brisbane home.what we look for

Setting A Schedule

Once you call a professional termite inspector, expect him to designate the time when he’ll arrive at your home for a visit. You don’t want somebody who just shows up randomly. The most reputable professionals also show their credentials including any proof of licensure and accreditation. This is important as it gives you peace of mind knowing that you’re working with a trusted company. If for any reason, the inspector looks unsure and acts unprofessionally, then you may want to keep your money and find another person to hire.

Discussing Local Risks

There’s a reason why you’re better off hiring a local termite inspector. This ensures that the professional knows the risks in your neighborhood and determine what species of termite can be found in your home. You can ask any questions you may have, and there’s a good chance that the local termite professional will be able to provide adequate answers. When the inspector arrives at your property, not whether he takes the time to discuss possible risks in your area and what you’re currently doing to control termite infestation in your home.

Inspecting The Entire Property

Upon gathering key information, the inspector then starts inspecting your home. Check whether the professional takes the time to evaluate all areas of your house and yard. Basements, attics, and crawlspaces must not be ignored. This isn’t the time to be lazy, as missing one area with termite infestation can prove dangerous. The professional must not only look for any noticeable termite damage. Instead, he must inspect all nooks and crannies to come up with the best course of action.

Providing An Estimate

After the physical inspection, the termite professional proceeds to explain the best options to keep termite infestation and damage under control. He recommends certain steps to keep your house safe including the use pesticides and in-lawn chemical implants. In more serious cases, the termite inspector may advise more aggressive treatment options. All the details should be provided in the written estimate, which is typically offered free of charge.

These are some of the things you should expect during a termite inspection. Knowing what a termite inspector does enables you to make the necessary preparations as well as plan your budget accordingly. Be sure to take the time to find a reputable local termite professional. This can be done by seeking referrals from friends or relatives. Doing an online search can also help as long as you rely on legitimate sources.

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